Modeling Of The Electrical Performance Of The Power And Ground Supply For A PC Microprocessor On A Card

The electrical characteristics of the power and ground supply of a PC microprocessor packaged in a Ball Grid Array (BGA) package mounted on a card are studied by dynamic electromagnetic field analysis. The effects of decoupling capacitors of different types and at different locations are investigated to achieve the objectives of low power and ground impedance and no or insignificant resonances ... » read more

Executive Briefing: Lip-Bu Tan

By Ed Sperling LPHP: From a high level, what are your customers doing differently these days? Tan: What system companies are looking for is time-to-market and differentiation. They want to differentiate on specific functions. IT has become very important in this process. And in terms of tools, they are looking for end-to-end solutions. Besides the advanced nodes and IP blocks, they are starti... » read more