ReRAMs Look To Silicon For Silicon Compatibility

For such a critical material, silicon oxide is not especially well understood. The semiconductor industry certainly understands how to grow high quality oxides with high breakdown voltages, but what happens in less ideal situations? What does the introduction of microstructure do? If there are regions that are oxygen-rich or silicon-rich relative to the stoichiometric SiO2 composition, how do t... » read more

Selective etching of silicon nitride over silicon oxide using ClF3 /H2 remote plasma

Researchers from Sungkyunkwan University, MIT and others present an option for selective etching. Abstract "Precise and selective removal of silicon nitride (SiNx) over silicon oxide (SiOy) in a oxide/nitride stack is crucial for a current three dimensional NOT-AND type flash memory fabrication process. In this study, fast and selective isotropic etching of SiNx over SiOy has been investiga... » read more

System Bits: July 15

Silicon oxide memories Thanks to a refinement that will allow manufacturers to fabricate devices at room temperature with conventional production methods, Rice University’s silicon oxide technology for high-density, next-generation computer memory is one step closer to mass production. Rice’s silicon oxide memories are a type of two-terminal, “resistive random-access memory” (RRAM) ... » read more