How Do We Get To Full Throttle In Mobile?

By Govind Wathan and Brian Fuller With each new generation of mobile device, we look forward to running the latest apps—especially games. (It's amazing how immersive mobile games have become in just a few years). We’re consumers but we’re also engineers, and here we’re faced with a huge challenge. It’s not just the games that get more powerful. A whole new generation of virtual ... » read more

The Future Is Flexible

For the next installment in my display survey series, I will focus on advanced display technologies coming down the pipeline and how materials engineering solutions will enable tomorrow’s TVs and mobile devices to be flexible, bendable and foldable. [caption id="attachment_20529" align="alignnone" width="438"] Source: Samsung[/caption] I touched on this topic at the recent SID Display W... » read more

Tech Talk: Mobile Security (Part 1)

Simon Blake-Wilson, of Rambus' Cryptography Research Division, talks with Semiconductor Engineering about mobile security and how the risk will escalate with the IoT in banking, data centers, entertainment and devices themselves. [youtube vid=EJ75T-SEp4U] » read more

Redefining A System…And Why It Matters

The concept of a system on chip has been around since the mid-1990s, but the actual mass implementation of this scheme is almost synonymous with the rise of the smart phone over the past decade. Put in perspective, it isn't that old, and it's about to change. Prior to the [getkc id="81" kc_name="SoC"], an electronic system was largely a collection of components on a PCB that included memory,... » read more

Does My Phone Dream?

By Cary Chin Starting with my commentary on the Tesla Model S last month (poor standby time before software update), I was thinking about how common a problem standby power is these days. Nearly all of our recently introduced smartphones have had similar problems (iPhone 5, Nexus 4, Galaxy S4, Lumia 900) running on virtually all operating systems (iOS 6.x, Android 4.2.x, Windows Phone 8). All ... » read more