Extremely Large Exposure Field w/Fine Resolution Lithography Tech To Enable Next-Gen Panel Level Advanced Packaging

Abstract—"The growing demand for heterogeneous integration is driven by the 5G market that includes smartphones, data centers, servers, HPC, AI and IoT applications. Next-generation packaging technologies require tighter overlay to accommodate a larger package size with finer pitch chip interconnects on large format flexible panels. Heterogeneous integration enables next-generation device per... » read more

Curvilinear Full-Chip ILT

Leo Pang, chief product officer and executive vice president at D2S, talks about the speed improvements with full-chip inverse lithography technology, why it is so critical in stitching together large chips, and how this approach differs from traditional litho approaches. » read more

The Pitfalls Of Auto-Stitching In Double-Patterning

Ever since the first double-pattern (DP) odd-cycle error ring was produced on a layout, designers have longed for a magic solution to solve it. Traditionally, the first approach to fixing an odd-cycle error was to move a polygon or a polygon edge to increase spacing to an adjoining polygon in the cycle. Alternatively, you could remove a polygon altogether, or split it into two pieces. All of th... » read more

Tech Talk: Multipatterning, Take Two

Mentor Graphics' David Abercrombie continues with his whiteboard talk about coloring with advanced lithography, including what goes wrong and how to fix it. [youtube vid=HCBtvHCcbf4] » read more

Debate Heats Up Over Bigger Glass

For more than two decades, photomask makers have been talking about moving to a new and larger mask size, sometimes called “bigger glass” by the industry. Generally, the discussions about “bigger glass” have been all talk and no action. But now, some chipmakers are turning up the volume in the discussions and are pushing for a larger mask size. A larger mask size would require the ph... » read more