Near-Threshold Computing Gets A Boost

Near-threshold computing has long been used for power-sensitive devices, but some surprising, unrelated advances are making it much easier to deploy. While near-threshold logic has been an essential technique for applications with the lowest power consumption, it always has been difficult to use. That is changing, and while it is unlikely to become a mainstream technique, it is certainly bec... » read more

New Way To Control Spin Currents At Room Temperature

New technical paper titled "Spin manipulation by giant valley-Zeeman spin-orbit field in atom-thick WSe2." from researchers at Beihang University (China) and University of British Columbia. Abstract: "The phenomenon originating from spin–orbit coupling provides energy-efficient strategies for spin manipulation and device applications. The broken inversion symmetry interface and the result... » read more

Designing For Ultra-Low-Power IoT Devices

Optimizing designs for power is becoming the top design challenge in battery-driven IoT devices, boxed in by a combination of requirements such as low cost, minimum performance and functionality, as well as the need for at least some of the circuits to be always on. Power optimization is growing even more complicated as AI inferencing moves from the data center to the edge. Even simple sens... » read more