New Way To Control Spin Currents At Room Temperature


New technical paper titled “Spin manipulation by giant valley-Zeeman spin-orbit field in atom-thick WSe2.” from researchers at Beihang University (China) and University of British Columbia.

“The phenomenon originating from spin–orbit coupling provides energy-efficient strategies for spin manipulation and device applications. The broken inversion symmetry interface and the resulting electric field induce a Rashba-type spin–orbit field (SOF), which has been demonstrated to generate spin–orbit torque for data storage applications. In this study, we found that spin flipping can be achieved by the valley-Zeeman SOF in monolayer WSe2 at room temperature, which manifests as a negative magnetoresistance in the vertical spin valve. Quantum transmission calculations based on an effective model near the K valley of WSe2 confirm the precessional spin transport of carriers under the giant SOF, which is estimated to be 650 T. In particular, the valley-Zeeman SOF-induced spin dynamics was demonstrated to be tunable with the layer number and stacking phase of WSe2 as well as the gate voltage, which provides a novel strategy for spin manipulation and can benefit the development of ultralow-power spintronic devices.”

Find the technical paper here and a summary here.  Published July 2022.

Xinhe Wang, Wei Yang, Wang Yang, Yuan Cao, Xiaoyang Lin, Guodong Wei, Haichang Lu, Peizhe Tang, and Weisheng Zhao , “Spin manipulation by giant valley-Zeeman spin-orbit field in atom-thick WSe2”, Applied Physics Reviews 9, 031402 (2022) https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0089162.


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