System Bits: Dec. 16

High rise chip For decades, the mantra of the semiconductor industry has been ‘smaller, faster, cheaper.’ Stanford researchers are also adding ‘taller’ to the mix, and describing how to build high-rise chips that promise to leapfrog the performance of the single-story logic and memory chips on today's circuit cards. Stanford researchers said their approach would end the ‘logjams�... » read more

One-On-One: Mike Muller

SE: What happens with memory, where access is more localized? Muller: Hybrid memory cube is one approach. HBM is another. ARM is chairing an IEEE standards group for a next-gen memory interface to make sure we build memories that fit mobile as well as networking and classic servers. Whereas in the past, memories were driven from the performance, we need to make the power scales with the band... » read more

Processor IP Enabling The Wearable Trend

Wearable technology is one of the fastest growing market segments. It is expected to be the next big thing in the field of computing and could, over the next decade, become as large as the mobile market is today. Its growth will depend on innovative devices providing a better user experience to their non-wearable alternatives, as well as broad availability of these products backed by a supporti... » read more

What’s Wrong With Power Signoff

Reducing power has emerged as the most pressing issue in the history of technology. On one hand, it’s the biggest opportunity the electronics industry has ever seen. On the other, the abuse of cheap power has been linked to global warming, human catastrophe, and geopolitical strife. In all cases, the semiconductor increasingly finds itself at the vortex of all of this, and making chips more e... » read more

Power/Performance Bits: April 29

Lithium-free flexible battery A Rice University laboratory has flexible, portable and wearable electronics in its sights with the creation of a thin film for energy storage. The researchers have developed a flexible material with nanoporous nickel-fluoride electrodes layered around a solid electrolyte to deliver battery-like supercapacitor performance that combines the best qualities of a h... » read more

Inspired By The IoT Yet?

You can't go too far in the world of technology today without running into the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT). And I don't know about you but the momentum is fascinating – not just the technology side, because innovation is always interesting, but also on the business development side of things due to the seemingly limitless potential for connectivity of devices that previously weren�... » read more

Blog Review: Jan. 8

How do you choose an embedded operating system—and do you even need one? Mentor’s Colin Walls looks at the options, and the reason why there are no simple answers. Cadence’s Richard Goering has evidence that Facebook is gaining in popularity for engineer. He’s not the first person to recognize this shift, but the big unanswered questions are, ‘What’s the average age of those use... » read more

Wearing My Computer

By Frank Ferro I have been in a friendly debate with my colleagues (to remain nameless) for some time now about the future of ‘wearable devices.’ The most recent examples are the new Google glasses and the latest incarnation of the smart watch. I’m not a fan of either. I am trying to keep an open mind, however, because my natural inclination is not to overtly wear electronics. I could ne... » read more

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