Test Innovations For ISO 26262

What the growing electronic content in cars means for test.


We are witnessing the gradual transition of the automobile from a simple means of transportation to a mobile electronic hub. The amount of electronic content in passenger cars continues to grow rapidly. Recent reports indicate that electronics now contribute about 40% of the total costs of a traditional internal-combustion-engine car, and this jumps as high as 75% for the growing number of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. Incredibly, the new S-class Mercedes-Benz contains nearly as many microcontrollers as the Airbus A380 airplane. The amount of electronics will only continue to grow as manufacturers add more advanced safety features, greater information and entertainment services, and improvements in energy efficiency.

Safety features are experiencing particularly large growth and encompass items such as collision avoidance, lane-change assistance, and automatic parking. The industry’s move toward fully autonomous vehicles promises to even further increase the number of these safety features.

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