Testing the Big Bang of Smart Devices

Imagine today’s typical test manager, awash in an alphabet soup of wireless protocols and sensors upon sensors.


Thanks to the proliferation of smart devices in the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s a circumstance not unlike the overwhelming sense of wonder and bewilderment that ancient Greek astronomer Ptolemy must have felt when gazing up at a sky full of stars on a clear winter’s night, trying to rationalize the vast tableau before him.

But just as we wouldn’t critique early astronomers and philosophers for thinking stars revolved around Earth, we shouldn’t fault test managers for seeing the IoT from a device-under-test (DUT)-centric view. From this vantage point, the IoT can easily seem like an insurmountable 50-billion-device challenge for any test organization. But when we apply what we now know about astronomy, we begin to see the expected universe of smart devices as systems of systems based on a few core elements that orbit a core architecture. By developing a test strategy with this architecture-centric perspective, your organization will be prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of the IoT and will be well positioned to capitalize on the expected $19 trillion business opportunities it represents.

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