The Ansys Charge Plus PiC Solve

A tool for modeling accumulation of charged plasma that can destroy underlying electronic components.


All surfaces are exposed to radiation, whether aircraft fuselages, satellite skins, or solar panels, are subjected to ionization effects through the accumulation of charged plasmas. Such plasmas present critical hazards to these platforms as their sudden nonlinear discharges can damage or destroy surfaces and underlying electronic components. Through the Particle-in-Cell solver, Ansys Charge Plus can capture the particles in such plasmas, permitting the modeling and simulation necessary to help designers take preventative measures against phenomena such as lightning strikes and electrostatic discharge events

Download your copy of this white paper to learn:

  • How the Charge Plus PiC solver tracks particles in a charged plasma
  • How to account for both short-term plasma dynamics and longer-term material effects
  • What is the range of applications suitable for the Charge Plus PiC solver

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