The Road To Osmosis

Sharing information and pushing the boundaries of formal verification.


It’s happening. Some may have speculated that, with the acquisition of OneSpin by Siemens, the OneSpin user group meeting, more commonly known as Osmosis, would be formally (pun intended) absorbed into a larger Siemens event. Well, I’m here to tell you that Osmosis is officially on the books and will continue to focus on the specific area of formal verification. The team has been working diligently over the past few months to pull together a program that the OneSpin user-base will find extremely interesting.

For those first-time Osmosis attendees, the name stands for OneSpin Meeting on Solutions, Innovation, & Strategy. The event is designed to allow information to flow not only among users, but also back and forth between users and the OneSpin team. It is this transfer of knowledge to all parties involved that makes Osmosis unique. The name serves as an acronym and provides a clear definition of how information is shared.

Now that I’ve given you some background, let’s get into the details of what attendees can expect at this year’s virtual two-day event on November 3–4.

Day one will kick off with a keynote address by the Siemens Digital Industries Software leadership: Ravi Subramanian, Senior Vice President and General Manager, and Raik Brinkmann, Senior Director Engineering (former OneSpin CEO). They will share the vision regarding the acquisition of OneSpin, and how it will broaden the formal verification landscape into new areas and challenges.

As a complement, the keynote on day two, delivered by Raik, will take a deeper dive into the specific areas in which OneSpin: A Siemens Business will push the boundaries of formal verification, including:

  • Research with higher education institutions and government
  • Open-source initiatives like RISC-V
  • Scalability of formal verification technology and methodology

Over the course of the two-day event, the OneSpin team will deliver in-depth technical sessions on the technology and solutions used for ensuring the functional correctness, safety, trust, and security of today’s designs. These sessions include:

  • Functional Correctness: Don’t Let It Bug You!
  • Varied Approaches to Verification of FPGA Designs
  • Making Use of Custom RISC-V Extensions with Automated Verification
  • Introduction to Safety Architecture Modeling
  • Leveraging the Power of Formal for SystemC/C++ Design
  • Verification for a More Secure Tomorrow

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a user group without hearing from our dedicated users from leading companies and critical industries. To maximize knowledge transfer impact, each of the above OneSpin sessions will be paired with one or more user case studies:

  • Xilinx: Merging Formal and Simulation Verification Metrics Using OneSpin 360
  • ams-OSRAM: PortableCoverage: Bringing Formal Results into vManager
  • Xilinx: Floating-Point Unit Formal Verification
  • Case studies on FPGA equivalence checking from the nuclear, datacenter, and ADAS industries
  • Kalray: FMEDA Made Simple
  • MaxLinear: Formal Verification of SystemC Designs
  • Sandia National Laboratories: Evaluating Capabilities for Assurance of Third-Party Intellectual Property

It has been an exciting road for OneSpin these past few months as we’ve prepared for this event. We’re eager to share how we’ll be navigating formal as we enter new territory. We’re also looking forward to learning how our users have been successful and what we can do to continue that success. The two days are packed with a lot of content that we feel will bring value to our users. We can’t wait to see everyone.

If you’re a OneSpin user, you can get more details about the event and register at

For those of you who are not OneSpin users (why wouldn’t you be?) but are thinking about it, we invite you to take a look at last year’s Osmosis presentations at

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