The Week In Review: Design

DDR4 PHY on 14nm LPP; Ethernet 200G VIP; multi-purpose DSP; NVM for PMICs; model for automotive development; results from Cadence and ARM.



Rambus debuted 3200 Mbps DDR4 PHY, targeted at the data center and networking markets, on the GlobalFoundries FX-14 ASIC platform using the company’s 14nm Power Plus (LPP) process. The PHY is DFI 4.0 compatible, and supports 16 – 72-bit interfaces, along with single and multi-rank configurations.

Synopsys introduced VIP and UVM source code test suite for Ethernet 200G, supporting 4x50G or 8x25G line interface options with RS-FEC. It features customizable frame generation and error injection capabilities, with additional source code UNH-IOL test suites also available.

Cadence revealed its new a multi-purpose, high-performance DSP for compute-intensive SoC designs. The company highlighted ease of programming and real-time control with flexible memory subsystem, integrated DMA controller and memory protection unit. The DSP uses quad 32-bit integer MACs and quad single-precision 32-bit floating-point MACs.

eMemory announced that its embedded logic MTP solution for power management IC (PMIC) applications has been verified in 0.13um 1.5V/5V BCD process platform at a world-leading foundry. eMemory’s OTP solution was qualified in 2013. Both are able to support up to 150 °C high-temp operation and 125 °C data retention. Qualification for 150 °C data retention is on-going and will be completed in the late third quarter of 2016.

Synopsys uncorked a new model for Infineon’s latest TriCore architecture for use with Virtualizer Development Kits. The model has been validated by Synopsys for functional quality, timing accuracy and simulation speed and is integrated with Lauterbach TRACE32 debugger and PLS Universal Debug Engine.


Cadence released financial reports for the second quarter of 2016, with revenue of $453 million, up 8.9% from the same period in 2015. On a GAAP basis, net income was $0.17 per share in Q2 2016, down 10.5% from the same quarter last year. Non-GAAP net income for Q2 2016 was $0.29 per share, up 7.4% from Q2 2015. CEO Lip-Bu Tan said Cadence had “strong business” with systems companies across multiple vertical segments. He also highlighted momentum in emulation as well as a nearly 20% growth in revenue from formal products.

ARM also posted financial results, with second quarter 2016 revenue of $387.6 million, up 9% from the second quarter of 2015. (Revenue in pounds was up 17%.) IFRS earnings per share stood at $0.082 (6.3p) for Q2 2016, up 17% from the same quarter last year. Normalized earnings per share were $0.113 (8.6p), up 18% from Q2 2015. “Our royalty revenue growth continues to outperform the wider semiconductor industry,” noted CEO Simon Segars.

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