The Week In Review: Design/IoT

Update on Micron buyout proposal; Aldec update CDC tool; Si2 staffing changes.


Summit Research reports on the proposed buyout of Micron by China’s Tsinghua Unigroup. New York Senator Chuck Schumer wrote a letter urging the United States to block any potential sale of the Boise memory-chip maker to the group. Summit states the Tsinghua investment is more likely to be a stake in Micron that specifically forbids certain IP to be made available in order to protect national security interests.

Aldec updated its clock domain crossing verification tool to add handshake synchronizers support, static checks for proper clock and reset generation, logic partitioning in the design hierarchy, and extended means for violations analysis.

Si2 continued its staffing changes with the announcement that Jerry Frenkil has been appointed as Director of OpenStandards group to help develop and implement standards supporting interoperability between solutions across the EDA supply chain. Additionally, Terry Berke, formerly of SEMI, has taken on the role of Member Services Manager and will focus on improving communications and services for Si2 members.


Michael says:

Chuck Shumer is the Senator from New York, not Idaho

Jesse Allen says:

Oops. Thanks.

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