The Week In Review: July 19

Synopsys’ data converter IP; Mentor’s software-driven functional verification; Cadence’s deals; auto market growth; China’s x86 industry.


By Ed Sperling
Synopsys rolled out a 28nm data converter IP portfolio for analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, as well as integrated PLLs. Synopsys says the new architecture saves up to 76% of the power and 86% of area.

Mentor Graphics added intelligent software-driven verification to its functional verification platform. New is the ability to automatically generate embedded C test programs for single- and multicore designs to find bugs earlier in the verification process and prior to prototyping.

Cadence won a couple deals and showed off the results of a couple others. UMC adopted its physical and electrical DFM signoff tool for the 28nm process node, and Ricoh signed a deal for Cadence’s emulation platform, which it will use for a multifunction printer SoC. In addition, Fujitsu Semiconductor reduced its verification time by three times using Cadence’s verification tools, and Hitachi cut its development time using Cadence’s prototyping platform.

The automotive wireless market is expected to grow 41% from 2012 to 2018, according to IHS. In fact, revenue for wireless solutions is expected to increase to $1.17 billion this year, the research firm said.

China’s x86 server market slowed to 3.9% in Q1 compared with the same quarter in 2012, according to IDC. The research house said international vendors are facing huge challenges from local vendors in that market.

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