Vehicle Electrification Driving Supply Chain Evolution

Some of the choices EV designers make and corresponding component design and manufacturing may push the supply chain to evolve in the coming years.


Dr. Ajay Sattu, Director, Automotive Product Marketing, Amkor Technology, Inc.

If the recently concluded CES 2022 is any indication, the automotive industry is yet again in the cross hairs of both consumers and industry experts alike. Whether it’s the new electric vehicle (EV) model introductions, color changing technologies, or concept cars, automotive companies are slowly transforming themselves from manufacturers to technology platform providers. Vehicle electrification is one of those mega trends which has now morphed from a novel trend to accepted reality. Several environmental, economic and social factors are influencing vehicle designs and the new powertrain choices. However, some of these choices and corresponding component design and manufacturing aspects may lead to a supply chain evolution in the coming years.

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