Where Should I Use Formal Functional Verification?

While formal can be applied to entire blocks, it can be more valuable to apply it within blocks.


With innovations in formal technologies and methodology, the benefits of formal functional verification apply in many more areas. Although a generic awareness of where formal functional verification applies is useful, understanding the “what” and the “why” leads to greater success. Clearly, if we understand the characteristics of areas with high formal applicability, we can identify not only which blocks are good candidates, but also what portions or functionalities of the blocks will give the greatest return on the time and effort invested. In recent years, we have come to realize that although we can apply formal to entire blocks, it can be more valuable to apply formal partially within blocks by choosing the functions that have the highest return. This paper will aid the reader in understanding where, why and how to apply formal for the highest return.

To download this white paper, click here.

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