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Why 56Gb/s And 112Gb/s SerDes Matter In Our Daily Social-Media-Driven Lives

Why higher-speed data rates are so critical to electronic evolution and revolution.


Hyper-scalers and service providers are moving from 100GbE to 400GbE Ethernet rates and beyond. Wireline and wireless networks are driving new architectures to support the move from 4G LTE to 5G infrastructure. These transitions are driven by the increasing global IP traffic as the world becomes more connected and digital. At the same time, the decentralization of the cloud and data centers are happening. Hundreds of scaled-down micro data centers are appearing at the edge of the network to support latency-sensitive IoT devices, real-time safety systems and now self- driven cars. Until we are able to fight our social media and gaming addiction, this instant gratification society will continue to crave more data and higher speeds. This transition is further fueled by other trends like AI, smart cities, autonomous vehicles and surveillance technology.

What do we do? We continue to innovate.

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