November 2011

FD-SOI bests FinFETs for mobile multimedia SOCs? ST says yes.

In a recent and excellent article in ASN by Thomas Skotnicki, Director of the Advanced Devices Program at STMicro, he explains in a very clear and accessible way why FD-SOI with ultra-thin Body & Box (UTBB) is a better solution for mobile, multimedia SOCs than FinFETs -- starting at the 28nm node and running clearly through 8nm.  It is based on the paper he presented at the 2011 IEEE SOI C... » read more

Experts At The Table: Stacked Die And The Supply Chain

By Ed Sperling Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design sat down to discuss the effects of stacking die on the supply chain with Stephen Pateras, production marketing director for silicon test at Mentor Graphics; Javier DeLaCruz, director of manufacturing technology at eSilicon; Colin Baldwin, director of marketing at Open-Silicon; Charles Woychik, director of marketing and technical analysis... » read more

Experts At The Table: Improving Yield

By Ed Sperling Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design sat down to discuss yield issues with Sesh Ramaswami, senior director of strategy at Applied Materials; Luigi Capodieci, R&D fellow at GlobalFoundries; Kimon Michaels, vice president and DFM director at PDF Solutions; Mike Smayling, senior vice president at Tela Innovations; and Mark Mason, director of data integration at Texas Instr... » read more

Experts At The Table: Managing Power At Higher Levels Of Abstraction

Low-Power Engineering sat down to discuss the advantages of dealing with power at a high level with Mike Meyer, a Cadence fellow; Grant Martin, chief scientist at Tensilica; Vic Kulkarni, senior vice president and general manager at Apache Design; Shawn McCloud, vice president of marketing at Calypto; and Brett Cline, vice president of marketing at sales at Forte Design Systems. What follows ar... » read more

Pest Control

By Achim Nohl Identifying and describing power issues is tough, let alone trying to solve them. “Power” issues can be very diverse. It’s even more difficult to explain how virtual prototypes can help to analyze “power” consumption. We often approach it by introducing how power information can be reflected in virtual prototype models, but there are many different goals and conflicting... » read more

Make Vs. Buy

By Ann Steffora Mutschler The confounding ‘make versus buy’ decision is understandably muddled by design complexity. Millions of gates, thousands of blocks, dozens of cores, plus software, packaging, and worries about physical effects don’t make this decision any easier. In some cases the process can be simplified by mandating that anything that doesn’t add differentiation really is... » read more

Content And Gaming Drive Design

By Pallab Chatterjee This year’s IEDM conference will feature a non-device topic for the luncheon keynote from Masaaki Tsuruta, CTO of Sony on Interactive Gaming. The takeaway: Even in the heavy R&D and physics-centric world of devices, building for the end application has now become one of the top priorities in driving specifications. Traditional compute systems were based on batch-... » read more

Managing IP In Complex Devices

By Ann Steffora Mutschler Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, video game with home networking feature or any other digital device, each contains multiple subsystems with a mixture of IP blocks from either in-house development or licensed from third parties. Managing the subsystems, let alone the individual IP blocks and the interplay between all of them, is not getting any easier. In fact, wit... » read more

Build It Faster

By Ed Sperling Hitting market windows with IC designs has always been a struggle, but the race to the finish line is becoming more critical—and much more difficult. The reason: Market windows themselves are shrinking. Products that used to stick around for years may now only last for months, replaced by newer versions that offer either better performance or lower power. In many cases, par... » read more

ARM: Bulk ports directly to FD-SOI

In a recent ASN posting, ARM Fellow Jean-Luc Pelloie said that bulk logic designs can be ported directly to fully-depleted (FD)-SOI for high-performing, low-power mobile apps. ARM sees fully-depleted FD-SOI is a potential alternative to BULK 20nm.  Jean-Luc addressed the question of  what sort of impact a port from bulk FD-SOI would  have on the design flow. His answer is: very little. ... » read more

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