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6 Key Benefits Of Thermal Testing

Transient thermal test methods for IC packages and thermal interface materials.


This whitepaper discusses the advantages of transient thermal test methods for IC package and thermal interface material (TIM) thermal characterization testing vs steady state methods. These methods assist verification of thermal performance for reliability, support package development & manufacturing decision making, and ensure accurate data sheet values used for selection by engineers.

Topics include:

  • Accuracy, speed & high repeatability of thermal transient test methods

– Electrical Test Method vs Thermocouples
– Transient vs Steady State Methods
– JEDEC Standards

  • Thermal performance verification

– Accurate data sheet values
– Thermal Resistance, RthJ-C etc
– Increase product reliability

  • Evaluating thermal structure of the heat flow path

– Assisting materials selection – e.g solder, glues & TIMs
– Identifying Package Manufacturing Defects
– Support Package Product Development Decisions
– Time & Cost Advantages – example calculation comparison

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