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Accelerating Toshiba’s Advanced System-on-Chip (SoC) Design with Synopsys’ Fusion Compiler

How Toshiba used early access to an RTL-to-GDSII solution to shorten design time of an advanced, automotive SoC.


Authors: Mitchy M. Mitsuyasu, Senior Specialist, Semiconductor R&D, Toshiba Electronic Device & Storage Corp.; Akira Nikaido, Director Product Marketing, Synopsys.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation, part of the broader Toshiba, Kawasaki Japan, has long been a technology leader in Advanced SoCs spanning multiple, key market verticals. This includes automotive, communications, IoT and ASIC applications. Although the specific demands for each of these verticals is varied, what is common among all of them is the need to hit increasingly short market-opportunity windows. For that, what is key to Toshiba is having a predictable and convergent design experience with the shortest time to optimal results.

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