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Addressing Power Integrity Challenges For SoCs

Power-planning and analysis methodologies and proven best practices.


Power integrity has become a crucial part of the system-on-a-chip (SoC) design flow because power-related issues can affect chip timing and even lead to complete device failure. Specifically, excessive rail voltage drop (IR-drop) and ground bounce can create timing problems and electromigration effects that impact a chip’s performance and reliability.

Analyzing a chip’s power also poses difficulties. For example, an early analysis of the power grid design is critical to limiting the effects of IR-drop across the chip, but this analysis relies on basic design data that is often not available prior to the completion of the netlist.

This white paper offers power-planning and analysis methodologies to address the power integrity challenges facing designers of today’s advanced SoC’s. Based on best practices developed and proven by Synopsys Professional Services in numerous leading-edge designs, the paper includes practical techniques for performing a pre-netlist IR-drop analysis, implementing a robust rail signoff flow and obtaining the best analysis results.

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