Advanced Packaging For Automotive Dashboard Application

Why the automotive industry is moving toward high-performance flip-chip and fan-out packaging.


The current automotive market for the IC (integrated circuit) packaging industry has grown significantly due to the increasing need for automation and higher performance in vehicles. These changes in the automotive market will enable cars to be more reliable and intelligent. To address the increasingly complex demands of the automotive market, the semiconductor packaging industry is shifting its focus to prioritize the development of advanced packages for next generation automotive market requirements.

Automotive IC’s are traditionally wirebond packages. Due to the increasing complexity and higher performance requirements of automotive applications, the packaging industry is moving towards high performance flip chip and advanced fan-out packages for automotive infotainment, GPS, and radar applications. In this study a comprehensive view of the changing packaging landscape from traditional wirebond to flip chip interconnect to advanced fan-out wafer level packages will be discussed. The pros and cons of each packaging technology will be examined. Packaging roadmap details will be discussed along with assembly process information, determining the right BOM (bill of materials), cost data, and extensive package and board level reliability.

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