Autonomous Driving: End-to-End Surround 3D Camera Perception System (NVIDIA)


A new technical paper titled “NVAutoNet: Fast and Accurate 360∘ 3D Visual Perception For Self Driving” was published by researchers at NVIDIA.

“Robust real-time perception of 3D world is essential to the autonomous vehicle. We introduce an end-to-end surround camera perception system for self-driving. Our perception system is a novel multi-task, multi-camera network which takes a variable set of time-synced camera images as input and produces a rich collection of 3D signals such as sizes, orientations, locations of obstacles, parking spaces and free-spaces, etc. Our perception network is modular and end-to-end: 1) the outputs can be consumed directly by downstream modules without any post-processing such as clustering and fusion — improving speed of model deployment and in-car testing 2) the whole network training is done in one single stage — improving speed of model improvement and iterations. The network is well designed to have high accuracy while running at 53 fps on NVIDIA Orin SoC (system-on-a-chip). The network is robust to sensor mounting variations (within some tolerances) and can be quickly customized for different vehicle types via efficient model fine-tuning thanks of its capability of taking calibration parameters as additional inputs during training and testing. Most importantly, our network has been successfully deployed and being tested on real roads.”

Find the technical paper here. Published  (preprint) March 2023.

Pham, Trung, Mehran Maghoumi, Wanli Jiang, Bala Siva Sashank Jujjavarapu, Mehdi Sajjadi Xin Liu, Hsuan-Chu Lin, Bor-Jeng Chen et al. “NVAutoNet: Fast and Accurate 360$^{\circ} $ 3D Perception For Self Driving.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2303.12976 (2023).

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