Blog Review: July 22

A summer of HLS; verification technology adoption trends; Synopsys’ plans for Bluetooth Smart; a Ferris wheel first; GPU compute milestone; identity protection; is software crypto failing?; DO-254 interview.


It’s been a hot summer for high-level synthesis, says Cadence’s Dave Pursley in a collection of the season’s HLS highlights spanning DAC to SystemC Japan.

Mentor’s Harry Foster continues his survey of functional verification with a look at the adoption trends of various verification technologies, and the reasons one-third of projects use emulation or FPGA prototyping.

Synopsys’ Navraj Nandra follows up on the acquisition of Bluetooth Smart radio IP from Silicon Vision and what they plan to do with the technology.

Want to charge your smartphone with a candle, ride the first ever figure eight Ferris wheel, or get fashion advice from an algorithm? Check out this week’s top five tech reads from Ansys’ Justin Nescott. Plus, the beginnings of a living lab for an IoT city in Pennsylvania.

With the announcement of Huawei’s latest flagship smartphone, ARM’s Roberto Mijat focuses in on the device’s camera, how it uses OpenCL to offload key image processing steps onto the GPU, and the steps toward heterogeneous computing that made it possible.

Writing for NXP, Steffan Heuer takes a look at the difference between information security and data privacy – and why companies must clearly lay out their governing principles and practices when it comes to handling data.

After a recent report naming cryptography issues as the second most common flaw affecting applications across all industries, Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff asks: is software crypto failing?

Aldec’s Louie De Luna talks with Randall Fulton, co-author of the DO-254 book “Airborne Electronic Hardware Design Assurance.”

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