Blog Review: June 21

IoT PCBs; gate-all-around architectures; more IoT security concerns; cloud and emulation.


Mentor’s John McMillan looks into the unique form-factors and components influencing IoT PCB designs.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan notes some big topics at the Samsung Foundry Forum: FD-SOI, embedded MRAM, and which gate-all-around FET architecture may be the winner.

Synopsys’ Eric Huang has a lighthearted look at why to buy IP versus building it.

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff points to another US government report, from the Government Accountability Office, warning that growing ubiquity and connectivity of IoT devices and networks may pose significant security risks.

Lam’s Rick Gottscho provides a primer on multiple patterning.

Aldec’s Krzysztof Szczur looks at how the combination of cloud computing and FPGAs can influence emulation.

Marvell’s Maen Suleiman checks out the needs of the NAS industry.

ARM’s Michele Wilkinson offers a walkthrough of building an FPGA prototype with the Cortex-M0 DesignStart kit and MPS2 board.

Cadence’s Meera Collier proposes that knitting is a lot like code.

In a podcast, Synopsys’ Robert Vamosi and Chris Clark discuss how the aerospace and defense industries handle software security.

Mentor’s Andrew Patterson considers the benefits of replacing a car’s side view wing mirrors with cameras.

Plus, check out the blogs from last week’s Manufacturing & Process Technology newsletter:

Editor In Chief Ed Sperling finds that even the biggest proponents of scaling have changed their tune.

Executive Editor Mark LaPedus talks with Imec’s CEO about R&D challenges, EUV and chips.

Coventor’s Sofiane Guissi digs into the state of the art in CMOS image sensor technology and what’s ahead.

SEMI contributor Debra Vogler observes that scaling and packaging are now key discussion points across the semiconductor industry.

Semico’s Joanne Itow notes that the array of options in foundry roadmaps is mind-boggling.

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