Bridging The Gap Between RF Front-End Module Characterization And Production Test With The Semiconductor Test System

Test challenges and how to deal with them in both characterization and production test environments.


The rapid evolution of wireless connectivity has driven continual consumer thirst for more data throughput and reduced time to market. These pressures have led to modern signaling standards such as 802.11ac and LTE-Advanced, which have placed even more challenging design and test requirements on the most nonlinear and energy-demanding component in the transmitter, the RF power amplifier. The industry trend to shorten time to market is to decrease system complexity by integrating transmitter and receiver functionality into a single front-end module (FEM) and integrating multiple communication standards into a multiband, multimode power amplifier (MMPA).

This white paper highlights some test challenges and explains how NI PXI instrumentation addresses them with the same hardware and software platform in both characterization and production test environments. To read more, click here.

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