Challenges And Improvement Of Reliability In Advanced Wafer Level Packaging Technology

Initial concerns of damage to the die after dicing and surface mount assembly are subsiding.


The number of WLCSP (wafer-level packages) used in semiconductor packaging has experienced significant growth since its introduction in 1998. The growth has been driven primarily by mobile consumer products because of the small form factor and high performance enabled in the package design. And it is also attractive to wearable electronics and IoT products.

Although WLCSSP is now a widely accepted package option, the initial acceptance of WLCSP was limited by concerns with the SMT assembly process and the fragile nature of the exposed silicon inherent in the package design. Assembly skills and methods have improved since the introduction of the package; however, damage to the silicon remains a concern. The side or top of the die continue to be exposed after dicing the wafer and the silicon continues to be at risk for chipping, cracking and other handling damage during the assembly process.

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