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Chipping Away At Functional Safety Flaws In Automotive Electronics

How to map chip designs to functions they support in a vehicle.


Today’s automobiles are packed with electronics. From autonomous driving support and infotainment systems to mission-critical functions like braking, a car’s performance depends on the reliability of these electronics systems. While the semiconductors that lie at the heart of these systems have been not been a focus in the past, today their reliability is coming under closer scrutiny by both the automotive industry and government regulators. A key automotive standard, ISO 26262, is being updated to consider the safe performance of all semiconductor components. How will automotive systems engineers meet this tougher standard — and address functional safety concerns down to the chip level? It’s clear that they can no longer rely on manual analysis and consumer software tools like Excel. What’s needed is a new solution for mapping semiconductor designs to the key functions they support within the vehicle — and ensuring that semiconductors will perform flawlessly to support consistent vehicle performance and outstanding passenger safety.

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