Choosing the Right Photonic Design Software

Here are the basic questions you should ask when selecting photonic design software.


There are many factors to consider before deciding which photonic design software to use. To narrow the field, it can be helpful to ask these key questions as you investigate and compare software functionality.

• Does the software provide enough flexibility to model and analyze products that offer the best solution to likely and possible design goals?

• Is the simulation capable of producing results that are not only theoretically feasible, but also practically possible?

• Does the software provide a range of simulation solutions that allows you to design specific devices, as well as the larger photonic systems in which they are used?

• Does the software include a reliable infrastructure that supports both initial and long-term use, such as training, technical support, documentation, development resources, and technological leadership?

The answers could reveal which software will maximize engineering efficiency and result in the best competitive product.

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