Design Space Simulator Of Distributed Multi-Chiplet Manycore Architectures For Comm-Intensive Applications


A technical paper titled “Muchisim: A Simulation Framework for Design Exploration of Multi-Chip Manycore Systems” was published by researchers at Princeton University.


“Current design-space exploration tools cannot accurately evaluate communication-intensive applications whose execution is data-dependent (e.g., graph analytics and sparse linear algebra) on scale-out manycore systems, due to either lack of scalability or lack of detail in modeling the network. This paper presents Muchisim, a novel parallel simulator designed to address the challenges in exploring the design space of distributed multi-chiplet manycore architectures for communication-intensive applications. We evaluate Muchisim at simulating systems with up to a million interconnected processing elements (PEs) while modeling data movement and communication in a cycle-accurate manner. In addition to performance, Muchisim reports the energy, area, and cost of the simulated system, and it comes with a benchmark application suite and two data visualization tools.
Muchisim supports various parallelization strategies and communication primitives such as task-based parallelization and message passing, making it highly relevant for architectures with software-managed coherence and distributed memory. Via a case study, we show that Muchisim helps users explore the balance between memory and computation units and the constraints related to chiplet integration and inter-chip communication. Muchisim enables scaling up the systems in which new techniques or design parameters are evaluated, opening the gate for further research in this area.”

Find the technical paper here. Published December 2023 (preprint).

Orenes-Vera, Marcelo, Esin Tureci, Margaret Martonosi, and David Wentzlaff. “Muchisim: A Simulation Framework for Design Exploration of Multi-Chip Manycore Systems.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2312.10244 (2023).

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