FMEDA Powered Safety Verification Methodology For Semiconductors

Identifying thousands of modes in which a design might fail and what may be causing such failures.


Today’s automobiles require increasingly complex systems and chips, adherence to functional safety processes has become essential during the design development phase. The intricate nature of  semiconductors used in automotive applications is driving the need for functional safety throughout the entire supply chain, reaching not just the automobile manufacturers but also the semiconductor design houses and EDA tool providers. Functional safety engineers involved in the analysis of these complex semiconductors are tasked with identifying thousands of modes in which a design might fail, also known as failure modes (FM), and what may be causing such failures.

This paper will discuss how Synopsys VC Functional Safety Manager (FSM) enables comprehensive and integrated FMEDA analysis with the chip development process helping to accelerate the functional safety certification of IP and SoC. It will also cover how Synopsys’ partnership with SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH, the worldwide leader of ISO 26262 functional safety assessment, helps tailor the FMEDA analysis technology in Synopsys VC FSM to facilitate faster ISO 26262 certification and time-to-market.

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