Graphene-Based Electronics (Georgia Tech)


A technical paper titled “An epitaxial graphene platform for zero-energy edge state nanoelectronics” was published by researchers at Georgia Tech, Tianjin University, CNRS, Synchrotron SOLEIL, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and others.

“Graphene’s power lies in its flat, two-dimensional structure that is held together by the strongest chemical bonds known,” said Walter de Heer, Regents’ Professor in the School of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology in this Georgia Tech news article. “It was clear from the beginning that graphene can be miniaturized to a far greater extent than silicon — enabling much smaller devices, while operating at higher speeds and producing much less heat. This means that, in principle, more devices can be packed on a single chip of graphene than with silicon.”

Find the technical paper here. Published December 2022.

Prudkovskiy, V.S., Hu, Y., Zhang, K. et al. An epitaxial graphene platform for zero-energy edge state nanoelectronics. Nat Commun 13, 7814 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-34369-4. Open access.

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