Graphene Devices: Suppressing Vibrations By Adding Vibrations (FLEET)


A technical paper titled “Passivating Graphene and Suppressing Interfacial Phonon Scattering with Mechanically Transferred Large-Area Ga2O3” was published by researchers at ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET), Monash University and University of Melbourne.

According to FLEET’s news article, the research found:
-Ultra-thin, liquid-metal-printed oxide improves performance of  transistors by suppressing vibrational resistance
-This occurs by adding extra phonons (vibrations) into the system
-This oxide can protect the transistor against further processing

Find the technical paper here.

Publication Date:November 21, 2022
Authors: Matthew Gebert, Semonti Bhattacharyya*, Christopher C Bounds, Nitu Syed, Torben Daeneke, and Michael S. Fuhrer.

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