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Holistic FMEDA-Driven Safety Design And Verification For Analog, Digital, And Mixed-Signal Design

The Midas Safety Platform as part of an integrated safety flow to enable a FMEDA-driven safety methodology.


With state-of-the-art electronics propelling the automotive industry into the future, automotive OEMs require safety-certified semiconductors. The integration of these advanced technologies into cars drives a need for component suppliers to assess and audit the risk of the technologies they want to deploy. At the same time, safety requirements are constantly evolving and becoming more stringent. To tackle these challenges, engineers are looking for a highly automated, integrated functional safety solution to help them achieve ISO 26262 certification faster. With Cadence’s Failure Mode Effect and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA)-driven safety design and verification solution, integrating analog/mixed-signal and digital applications allows customers to ensure their automotive semiconductors meet rigorous safety standards while accelerating the ISO 26262 certification process. This white paper illustrates how to leverage the Cadence® Midas™ Safety Platform as part of a integrated safety flow to enable a FMEDA-driven safety methodology, including safety design, analysis and verification for analog, digital and mixed-signal design.

By Robert Schweiger, Dominik Langen, and Jörg Müller, Cadence

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