Integrating MEMS with Standardized Silicon Photonics Technology


A new technical paper titled “Integrated silicon photonic MEMS” was published by researchers at EPFL, University of Sydney, CSEM, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Ghent University, Imec, and Tyndall National Institute.

Abstract Excerpt
“Here, we introduce a silicon photonic MEMS platform consisting of high-performance nano-opto-electromechanical devices fully integrated alongside standard silicon photonics foundry components, with wafer-level sealing for long-term reliability, flip-chip bonding to redistribution interposers, and fibre-array attachment for high port count optical and electrical interfacing. Our experimental demonstration of fundamental silicon photonic MEMS circuit elements, including power couplers, phase shifters and wavelength-division multiplexing devices using standardized technology lifts previous impediments to enable scaling to very large photonic integrated circuits for applications in telecommunications, neuromorphic computing, sensing, programmable photonics, and quantum computing.”

Find the technical paper here.

Quack, N., Takabayashi, A.Y., Sattari, H. et al. Integrated silicon photonic MEMS. Microsyst Nanoeng 9, 27 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41378-023-00498-z.

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