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Layering Protocol Verification

A pragmatic approach for using UVM.


Layering protocols are modeled using layering structures that mirror the protocol layers. There are significant challenges in modelling verification components for layering protocols such as (1) reuse, (2) scalability, (3) controllability, and (4)observability. Furthermore, there may be requirements for complex test scenarios where a great deal of interaction is required between test sequence execution and response. It is important that the test sequences be provided with fine grain control of the desired verification components to execute the required complex test patterns for protocol verification at various layers. In this work, we present a pragmatic approach using Universal Verification Methodology that we developed for layering protocol verification to address the challenges mentioned above. This framework provides (1) a rich set of controls for layering drivers and sequencers to allow interactive complex test pattern generation and verification, (2) the ability to inject errors at any given layer without having to modify the underlying sequences, (3) the ability to run any given layer test sequence from a top-level virtual sequencer, and (4) the ability to perform peer-to-peer and complete protocol stack verification.

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