LVS Boxing Helps Designers Knock Out Designs Quickly

How to balance tradeoffs between performance, database size and accuracy.


Keeping up with the constant demand for better, faster design flow performance while preserving the original layout hierarchy of a design can be very challenging during design verification. Designers must constantly manage tradeoffs between performance, database size, and accuracy. In the early design cycle, using the LVS boxing capabilities of Calibre nmLVS to replace incomplete or missing blocks can help designers reduce the need for expensive high-performance computing resources, as well as the time needed to run interim LVS comparisons, while still providing the necessary design information to downstream flows. By eliminating the unnecessary distractions inherent in incomplete designs, LVS boxing allows design teams to speed up design development and make more effective use of their expensive computing resources, “saving” that time and those resources for the final full-chip tapeout verification.

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