MIPI In Next Generation Of AI IoT Devices At The Edge

Cloud vs. edge computing benefits, MIPI on edge devices, and AI edge system examples.


The history of data processing begins in the 1960’s with centralized on-site mainframes that later evolved into distributed client servers. In the beginning of this century, centralized cloud computing became attractive and began to gain momentum becoming one of the most popular computing tools today. In recent years however, we have seen an increase in the demand for processing at the edge or closer to the source of the data once again. We have gone, “Back to the future!”

Figure 1: History of Centralized and Cloud Computing
Figure 1: History of Centralized and Cloud Computing

One of the original benefits of processing in the cloud in was simply to expand beyond the limited capacity of on-site processing. With advancements in AI, more and more decisions can be made at the edge. It is now clear that edge and cloud processing are complementary technologies; they are both essential to achieve optimal system performance. Designers of connected systems must ask, what is the most efficient system partitioning between the cloud and edge?

By Ashraf Takla, founder & CEO, Mixel, Inc.

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