Modular FPGA Makes FPGA Easier To Use

The modular FPGA is programmed more like a processor.


Traditionally FPGAs are configured once at boot/power-on. This is because they almost always store the configuration file in a Flash memory which is updated from time to time (like your smart phone’s OS and apps).

But eFPGA is in your SoC, so you can provide the configuration files from on chip SRAM, on chip NVM and/or off chip DRAM.

EFLX eFPGA is reconfigurable. Process nodes like 40nm reconfigure more slowly than 7nm but all EFLX eFPGA can be reconfigured in milliseconds with configuration bits coming from DRAM.

And with cache SRAM adjacent to the array, reconfiguration for FinFet node EFLX eFPGA can happen in microseconds (we do this now in silicon for our InferX AI/DSP IP).

You can reconfigure one tile at a time. So you can page in new code modules as needed, like a processor does.

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