Discovering Orbital Multiferroicity in Pentalayer Rhombohedral Graphene (MIT)


A technical paper titled “Orbital Multiferroicity in Pentalayer Rhombohedral Graphene” was published by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Abstract (partial):

“Ferroic orders describe spontaneous polarization of spin, charge, and lattice degrees of freedom in materials. Materials featuring multiple ferroic orders, known as multiferroics, play important roles in multi-functional electrical and magnetic device applications. 2D materials with a honeycomb lattice offer exciting opportunities to engineer unconventional multiferroicity, where the ferroic orders are driven purely by the orbital degrees of freedom but not electron spin. These include ferro-valleytricity corresponding to the electron valley degree of freedom and ferro-orbital-magnetism supported by quantum geometric effects. Such orbital multiferroics could offer strong valley-magnetic couplings and large responses to external fields–enabling device applications such as multiple-state memory elements, and electric field control of valley and magnetic states. Here we report orbital multiferroicity in pentalayer rhombohedral graphene using low temperature magneto-transport measurements.”

Find the technical paper here. Published October 2023. Read this related news article from MIT.

Han, Tonghang, Lu, Zhengguang, Scuri, Giovanni, Sung, Jiho, Wang, Jue et al. 2023. “Orbital Multiferroicity in Pentalayer Rhombohedral Graphene.” Nature. Version: Author’s final manuscript


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