Placement And CTS Techniques For High-Performance Computing Designs

Challenges in HPC designs and how to achieve maximum performance.


This paper discusses the challenges of designing high-performance computing (HPC) integrated circuits (ICs) to achieve maximum performance. The design process for HPC ICs has become more complex with each new process technology, requiring new architectures and transistors. We highlight how the Siemens Aprisa digital implementation solution can solve placement and clock tree challenges in HPC designs, which are fundamental to achieving desired performance metrics during place-and-route. Aprisa’s innovative architecture and patented technologies provide earlier confidence in results compared to other place-and-route tools, making it ideal for helping designers deliver HPC IC innovations faster. We also discuss specific challenges affecting HPCs, such as tradeoffs between performance, power, and area metrics, and techniques in clock tree synthesis needed to ensure HPCs meet their strict specifications.

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