Power — Usage Shift Leads to Methodology Shift

Enabling power analysis at the system, RTL and gate levels for complex SoC designs.


Power exploration and accurate power calculation of SoCs in the target application environment is getting executive attention due to the fact that companies are missing market windows because of power issues. This makes system-level power analysis and management a key measurement. Verification solutions that provide accurate power analysis data early are critical to making design decisions that actually lower power. That accuracy depends upon measuring the power in the context of the applications that are running in the actual SoC. New software for the Veloce emulation platform, called the Veloce Power App, which eliminates the core problems affecting testbench-based approaches currently used by simulators and emulators alike. The Veloce Power App software enables accurate, timely and efficient power analysis at the system, RTL, and gate level for complex SoC designs.

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