Qualifying The ExposedPad TQFP For AEC-Q006 Grade 0

Various optimizations are required to achieve automotive grade.


Semiconductor packages used in various vehicle applications require high reliability. As technological innovations in the automotive market increase, the demand for highly reliable packaging is increasing for applications in autonomous driving, human interfaces, electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and more. Package reliability is essential because automotive packages must pass extensive safety testing.

Challenges for AEC-Q006 Grade 0 testing of ExposedPad TQFP Semiconductor packages consist of several materials, each having different properties, such as a different coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). The exact location of the resulting stress depends on the structure of the semiconductor package. Due to these various characteristics, passing extreme tests, such as those from the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) and specifically achieving AEC-Q006 Grade 0 (G0), is a difficult task for semiconductor manufacturers.

Authors: Yoshio Matsuda, Sr. Manager, Wirebond and Power Package Development Amkor Technology, Inc.

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