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Redefining Expectations for Test

How to tackle testing automotive and AI systems


New and rapidly expanding applications, such as artificial intelligence and automotive, are increasing in design size and complexity. These evolving market segments require unprecedented levels of quality and long-term reliability, which has created a fundamental shift in both the importance and need for integration of advanced semiconductor test. Synopsys unveiled a new family of test products that aligns with this shift and addresses overall test challenges. The Synopsys TestMAX family of test products delivers innovative test and diagnostic capabilities for all digital, memory, and analog portions of a semiconductor device. The TestMAX family contains capabilities for automotive test and functional safety, as well as technologies that unlock new levels of test bandwidth and efficiency by leveraging high-speed interfaces common on many designs. A powerful and highly configurable test automation flow provides seamless integration of all TestMAX capabilities. These new features, combined with comprehensive support for early testability analysis and planning, hierarchical ATPG compression, physically-aware diagnosis, logic BIST, memory self-test and repair, and analog fault simulation, ensure that the TestMAX product family addresses critical test issues while enabling effective test for future demanding applications.

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