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Rigid-Flex PCB Bending EM Analysis Using Clarity 3D Solver

How this flow is less error prone than manual processes and efficient in setting up the design for EM simulation.


Rigid-Flex PCBs have been used in many modern electronic devices (such as mobile phones, laptops, and wearables, among others), due to their form factor, light weight, and cost-effectiveness. Electromagnetic (EM) analysis of Rigid-Flex PCBs has always been a challenging task for many commercially available 3D numerical solver technologies (FEM and FDTD), due to the complexity in the 3D designs. Much of the complexity comes from bending of the board into small spaces and usage of hatched ground and power planes. In this paper, we first address the key challenges faced by the EM engineers and then propose a novel automated simulation workflow for a fast-to-market product development process. The proposed workflow, utilizing Cadence Allegro PCB Editor and Clarity 3D Solver, is the first of its kind in the PCB-EM community. Compared to alternative, highly manual processes, this flow is less error prone and very efficient in setting up the design for EM simulation. In addition, it runs faster than the other legacy 3DEM tools in the industry

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