RT Kintex UltraScale FPGAs For Ultra High Throughput And High Bandwidth Applications

How this radiation-tolerant (RT) FPGA enables next-gen high-throughput satellite services with reconfigurable payloads and unprecedented levels of onboard processing across all radiation orbits.


Xilinx’s UltraScale architecture extends FPGA capability for space applications, delivering a step-function increase in I/O and memory bandwidth, capacity, performance, and in-orbit re-configurability. For the first time, the RT Kintex UltraScale XQRKU060 FPGA enables the satellite industry to access ultra-high throughput on-board processing of hundreds of Gb/s. This capability allows spacecraft operators to offer new applications such as real-time streaming of Earth-Observation remote sensing in super high-resolution, space-based Internet, and broadband mobile telecommunication with the ability to optimize and re-deploy in-orbit payload resources in response to real-time user needs.

Space-grade FPGAs from other vendors suffer from architectural bottlenecks severely limiting their use for ultra high-throughput on-board processing. Xilinx’s RT Kintex UltraScale fabric has innovative on-chip communication, I/O and memory bandwidth, DSP capability, clocking, critical paths, and interconnect, using 20nm technology to deliver best-in-class, ASIC-level system performance for the most demanding of satellite applications.

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