Scalable, Shared-L1-Memory Manycore RISC-V System


A new technical paper titled “MemPool: A Scalable Manycore Architecture with a Low-Latency Shared L1 Memory” was published by researchers at ETH Zurich and University of Bologna.

“Shared L1 memory clusters are a common architectural pattern (e.g., in GPGPUs) for building efficient and flexible multi-processing-element (PE) engines. However, it is a common belief that these tightly-coupled clusters would not scale beyond a few tens of PEs. In this work, we tackle scaling shared L1 clusters to hundreds of PEs while supporting a flexible and productive programming model and maintaining high efficiency. We present MemPool, a manycore system with 256 RV32IMAXpulpimg “Snitch” cores featuring application-tunable functional units. We designed and implemented an efficient low-latency PE to L1-memory interconnect, an optimized instruction path to ensure each PE’s independent execution, and a powerful DMA engine and system interconnect to stream data in and out. MemPool is easy to program, with all the cores sharing a global view of a large, multi-banked, L1 scratchpad memory, accessible within at most five cycles in the absence of conflicts. We provide multiple runtimes to program MemPool at different abstraction levels and illustrate its versatility with a wide set of applications. MemPool runs at 600 MHz (60 gate delays) in typical conditions (TT/0.80V/25°C) in 22 nm FDX technology and achieves a performance of up to 229 GOPS or 192 GOPS/W with less than 2% of execution stalls.”

Find the technical paper here. Published March 2023.  Github info can be found here.

Riedel, Samuel, Matheus Cavalcante, Renzo Andri, and Luca Benini. “MemPool: A Scalable Manycore Architecture with a Low-Latency Shared L1 Memory.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2303.17742 (2023).

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