Securing Heterogeneous Integration at the Chiplet, Interposer, and System-In-Package Levels (FICS-University of Florida)


A new research paper titled “ToSHI – Towards Secure Heterogeneous Integration: Security Risks, Threat Assessment, and Assurance” was published by researchers at the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity (FICS) Research, University of Florida.

“The semiconductor industry is entering a new age in which device scaling and cost reduction will no longer follow the decades-long pattern. Packing more transistors on a monolithic IC at each node becomes more difficult and expensive. Companies in the semiconductor industry are increasingly seeking technological solutions to close the gap and enhance cost-performance while providing more functionality through integration. Putting all of the operations on a single chip (known as a system on a chip, or SoC) presents several issues, including increased prices and greater design complexity.

Heterogeneous integration (HI), which uses advanced packaging technology to merge components that might be designed and manufactured independently using the best process technology, is an attractive alternative. However, although the industry is motivated to move towards HI, many design and security challenges must be addressed.

This paper presents a three-tier security approach for secure heterogeneous integration by investigating supply chain security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities at the chiplet, interposer, and system-in-package levels. Furthermore, various possible trust validation methods and attack mitigation were proposed for every level of heterogeneous integration. Finally, we shared our vision as a roadmap toward developing security solutions for a secure heterogeneous integration.”

Find the technical paper here. Published August 2022.

Authors: N. Vashistha, M. L. Rahman, S. Haque, A. Uddin, S. Islam Sami, A. Mazumder, P/ Calzada, F. Farahmandi, N. Asadi, F. Rahman, and M. Tehranipoor.


Possible identified security risk and threats at various levels of heterogeneous integration. Source: FICS Research, University of Florida.


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