Software Infrastructure For Silicon Lifecycle Management

Simplifying and automating analytics to streamline integrated circuit and embedded system design


Semiconductor technology continues to deliver higher levels of logic density in the era of nanometer processes. System-on-chip (SoC) teams can deliver even higher functionality when coupled with the massive integration possibilities of three-dimensional integrated circuit (3DIC) architectures. However, this growth must be matched by increases in capabilities and productivity in the collection and analysis of functional data to meet quality and time-to-market targets. This white paper discusses how integrated circuit (IC) designers and engineers can use the Tessent™ Host Services solution to streamline validation and monitoring throughout the silicon lifecycle.
Silicon lifecycle management

Silicon lifecycle management is an emerging paradigm in the semiconductor industry that is based on the well-established practice of product lifecycle management (PLM). For IC designers, silicon lifecycle solutions (SLS) provide capabilities to better plan and optimize ICs, comply with industry standards and meet legal liability requirements. SLS addresses compelling needs to monitor and analyze data for the design, realization, deployment and field service of silicon devices and the systems in which they are integrated. Silicon lifecycle management is a pressing concern due to the shift in focus towards security, software workload efficiency and continuing semiconductor supply chain constraints.

The rapid growth in cost is driven by the increasing complexity of the systems being deployed. Complex systems are more complex to validate, and this need for more efficient validation is a driver for silicon lifecycle solutions. Finding the root cause of issues whenever they arise is achieving greater levels of visibility and automation. Learn more about how Tessent enables this approach in this paper. To read more, click here.

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