STMicroelectronics Methodology And Process For Heterogeneous Automotive Package Design

How to design a package for automotive chips using data from multiple sources and in multiple formats.


As a leading supplier of automotive semiconductors, STMicroelectronics must continue to move fast to develop and deliver leading-edge solutions.

Employing package design as part of system innovation requires the STMicroelectronics Back-End Manufacturing Technology R&D organization to embrace the key driving forces of product development. In the automotive field, package designers need to explore new methodologies and adopt a specific co-design flow for IC-package connectivity-data exchange (such as netlist tables) that is data robust and flexible.

What You Will Learn
The STMicroelectronics Back-End Manufacturing Technology R&D team adopted Xpedition Substrate Integrator (xSI) from Siemens EDA to help design activity meet these needs and support connectivity optimization in a high-end automotive co-design project.

xSI allows system netlist construction and management for heterogeneous packages, aggregation of data from multiple sources in multiple formats, and visualization and interaction of all interconnect levels from a single environment. It provides hierarchical construction of the complete package assembly with step-by-step handling of multiple parts, including reuse of parts.

Based on high-speed interface connectivity planning and optimization and multi-pitch bump-out evaluation, xSI provides:

  • Flexibility for IC-package connectivity planning and optimization
  • Efficient integration with external tools
  • Fluid and fast on command response
  • Very good technical support from the Siemens EDA team

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